Free Shipping for New Members’ First Order

We’re on a mission to help our customers make this their best — and healthiest — summer yet. And because we love seeing them crush their goals, we’re offering an awesome incentive that will make reaching them even easier.

New Members who purchase US$300/CA$333 worth of Isagenix products receive FREE shipping.**

Pretty great, right? We think so.

We can’t wait for you to start sharing Isagenix and working toward feeling your best this season. The temperature won’t be the only thing that’s HOT this summer!

**Free ground shipping will be automatically applied to qualifying orders. To qualify for free shipping, a new Member in the United States (including Puerto Rico) and Canada must place an initial product order of US$300/CA $333 or more and be enrolled in the Lifestyle Rewards (Autoship) program. Discount applies to initial order only.

IsaRally Nashville — Be a Part of Global Celebration 2019!

Earn a trip to Nashville, Tennessee, for Global Celebration 2019, the most exciting Isagenix event to date! Do you have what it takes to build and lead a new team of Isagenix Independent Associates to victory? 

What You Could Earn 

  • A Global Celebration 2019 ticket for you and a guest.
  • CA$1000 toward airfare costs to Nashville.
  • Accommodations for four nights in Nashville.
  • Other fun perks! 

Important Dates to Remember:  

Registration period: April 1-21, 2019
Contest period: April 1June 23, 2019
Trip dates: Aug. 10-13, 2019  

Click here for all the details on IsaRally Nashville. We look forward to seeing you in Music City! 

The Grand Adventure Challenge

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. 

Are you ready to make 2019 all about results? We are, which is why we’re super excited to announce the Grand Adventure Challenge, a six-month promotion designed to kick-start our 2019 mega-goal to engage and transform 1 million homes with Isagenix products.  

This promo will run from Dec. 31, 2018, through June 30, 2019, in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. 

The top 150 point earners at the end of the promo will win a trip to — wait for it — the Grand Cayman Islands! (We promised it’d be awesome!) 

How to Qualify and Earn Points 

Any Associate in the participating markets can earn points to qualify for this promotion. For more information, visit   

Here’s what’s in store for the winners: 

The top 10 point earners will receive:  The top 11-40 point earners will receive:  The top 41-150 point earners will receive: 
  • A special invitation from the Coovers. 
  • Business class airfare for two. 
  • Round-trip airport ground transportation.
  • An upgraded hotel room.
  • US$750 spending cash. 
  • Group dinners. 
  • Group excursions. 
  • A special invitation from the Coovers. 
  • Economy class airfare for two. 
  • Round-trip airport ground transportation. 
  • An upgraded hotel room. 
  • US$750 spending cash. 
  • Group dinners. 
  • Group excursions. 


  • A special invitation from the Coovers. 
  • $1,000 airfare credit.       
  • Round-trip airport ground transportation. 
  • A hotel room. 
  • US$750 spending cash. 
  • Group dinners. 
  • Group excursions. 

This challenge was created for everyone, no matter the rank, who’s willing to put time, hard work, and dedication into attracting new Customers and signing up new Consultants. If you do this consistently for the next six months, you can be the one jet-setting to this five-star, Five Diamond resort in the spectacular Grand Cayman Islands.    

Are you ready to reach 1 million homes together? We believe in you. Let’s do this! 

Are You Ready to Step Up to 2-Star?

Our popular Step Up to 2-Star promo is back! Reach 2-Star Golden Circle rank or above for the first time between Feb. 4, 2019, and June 2, 2019, and qualify for an incredible two-day training event here in Arizona.

What Is the Step Up to 2-Star Event?

Associates who qualify for the Step Up to 2-Star Event will earn a trip to Arizona this July. Qualify, and you’ll enjoy:

  • Accommodations for four days and three nights for up to two people.
  • Airfare to Gilbert, Arizona.
  • A meet-and-greet with the corporate executive team.
  • Self-development training with top Isagenix leaders and members of the executive team.
  • An exclusive tour of Isagenix World Headquarters.

Tune In to the Training

We’re committed to helping you and your team succeed, so we’ve set up a series of helpful training sessions you can watch from home to help you qualify for this exclusive event. Experience them live by tuning in to at 7:30 p.m. ET every Thursday from Feb. 4 through June 2.

Check out all the promo details (including how to qualify) here!

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