• How much is too much social media?

4 Ways to Fight Social Media Stress

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Raise your hand if this is a familiar story. Summer season is around the corner, the gym routine is in full swing, lunch is prepped and packed for the week…You’re feeling good. Then after 15 minutes of scrolling through your social media feed, that feeling sinks in. The feeling that no matter how many hours of spinning, no matter how many times you stick to chicken and veggies during lunch, there’s a standard that feels impossible to reach.

Start The Year Strong – Global Cleanse Day Is Coming!

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We have surpassed our goals by leaps and bounds for this Cleanse With Friends campaign. And, you have helped us build one of the largest accountability communities we have ever seen! When we launched Cleanse [...]

6 Reasons to Finish the Year Strong!

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With 2017 coming to a close, it’s important to stay on track with your healthy habits. That includes staying on track with cleansing and maintaining your commitment to Cleanse With Friends. You have worked hard [...]

How To Make The Most of Your Cleanse and Holiday, Too!

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With Thanksgiving under our belts (which are hopefully a little looser today), you can now properly give yourself the credit and pat on the back you deserve for cleansing through the holiday with us!  Last #CleanseDayWednesday [...]

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