Compete to Be the First-Ever GLOBAL IsaBody Grand Prize Winner!(Deadline Approaching!)

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At Global Celebration 2018, we announced that moving forward, we will now crown a GLOBAL IsaBody™ Grand Prize Winner each year at Global Celebration. That’s right – when you compete in the IsaBody Challenge, not [...]

Meet Your 2018 IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner and Runner-Up!

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Drumroll, please! It’s finally time to reveal one of the most exciting segments to hit the stage at Global Celebration 2018. That's right, it's time for our 2018 IsaBody Challenge® Grand Prize Winner and Runner-Up! [...]

  • Isabody Challenge 2018 Finalist Julie Marchak

Finalist Conquers Lifelong Battle With Failure, Emerges Victorious!

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Have you ever given up on a diet regime because you didn’t see results fast enough? That’s how Julie’s numerous attempts to lose weight inevitably ended. At 288 pounds, Julie was hurting – emotionally and physically – but she was setting herself up for failure before she even started by giving herself permission to quit if she didn’t see instant results.

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