Switch It Up With These 400- to 600-Calorie Recipes

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Whether it’s consuming dairy-free foods and drinks, choosing to lead a plant-based lifestyle, or packing in protein, many of us have modified our nutritional intake in some way, shape, or form. Yet, many find themselves [...]

3 Plant-Based Ways to Cure Your Dairy-Free Cravings

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We have received a phenomenal response to our dairy-free IsaLean® Bars since their original launch, even more so since we introduced the latest flavor, Chocolate Coconut Almond. We recognize the demand for more plant-based options, which is why we are proud to offer three mouth-watering flavors of our popular IsaLean Bar Dairy-Free.

Boost Your Protein Intake With Plants

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Nearly every source of meat is a leader in protein intake, but whether you're vegetarian or simply want an occasional break from a meat-centric routine, plant-based protein can be more than simply a substitute. Fill your plate with these protein-rich, multidimensional staples to help shrink your waistline, keep much-needed variety in your diet, and get nutrients to help keep you healthy.