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IsaLean Bar vs. AMPED Protein Bar

Not All Bars Are Created Equal The recent launch of AMPED™ Protein Bars has revved up popularity surrounding our bar offerings. This expansion has given us the opportunity to maintain our commitment to serve our [...]

2017-11-01T10:46:31+00:00October 13th, 2017|Products|

Intermittent Fasting Supports Weight Loss

If done properly, intermittent fasting can be an extremely beneficial and sustainable way to obtain weight loss. Isagenix has led the way in examining the virtues and benefits of intermittent fasting. The science behind intermittent fasting and its effects inspired Isagenix to create Cleanse for Life® to help nourish the body’s natural process of removing toxins.

2017-08-04T10:26:46+00:00August 4th, 2017|News, Products|

The Difference Between IsaPro and IsaLean Shake

It’s a commonly asked question: What’s the difference between IsaPro® and IsaLean® Shake? After all, both contain the highest-quality undenatured whey protein needed to boost your metabolism and whittle your waist line. So when do you use IsaPro over IsaLean Shake? Easy! We can explain the difference and the benefit to mixing them both together.

2017-07-05T08:00:23+00:00July 5th, 2017|Products|