Voting for the 2018 Heart of Isagenix Award is now closed.

We’ve reviewed your nominations and narrowed it down to the top three. Your votes are now being counted to see who will be the 2018 Heart of Isagenix winner.

The next Heart of Isagenix award will be presented onstage at our New Year Kick Off 2018 event.

Our finalists were selected because of their ability to instill belief, purpose, and direction within their teams and for their passion for changing lives. They’ve consistently worked toward their personal goals while providing encouragement for everyone on their teams and never lose sight of what it means to be a part of this incredible Isagenix family. From attending events to completing a 90-Day Action Plan or IsaBody Challenge®, they continue to set an example of what it takes to succeed.

Meet Our Finalists

Bob Duncan New Hampshire, United States

“A tech guy by day and Isagenix machine by night,” Bob truly opens his heart to his community and is passionate about being an example of what’s possible, regardless of age and previous life circumstances. He is always there for those around him, inspiring and encouraging others to join him in reaching the potential they have within.

“Bob is nothing but encouraging to those around him and always puts others before his own well-being. He has the biggest heart, and I’m honored to call him my friend. I have Bob to thank for a lot of my Isagenix and IsaBody™ success – if he hadn’t been the first one to give me this dream, I may not have ever been where I am today!” – Daniel Parten

Laura Beynon Maryland, United States

A stay-at-home mom and former pediatric nurse, Laura continues to go above and beyond to help and support those around her. She is a constant source of encouragement and a true leader, always inspiring those she meets to become the best they can be.

“Laura is an amazing leader and person, and I’m so grateful she’s my personal mentor. She exhibits the energy and spirit of what Isagenix is all about and is incredibly knowledgeable. I feel so blessed and inspired by her dedication, enthusiasm, and conviction about everything Isagenix.” – Rachel Franzen

Adrienne Donovan North Carolina, United States

Adrienne has a heart of service and a true passion for helping others. She welcomes everyone on her team with open arms and shows them how to be successful in reaching their goals, leaving those she meets incredibly thankful for her presence in their life.

“Adrienne has been so helpful to me and has been there for me since day one. She is a great listener, leads by example, and is always accessible to answer questions and lead Zoom call training sessions for our team. She would be an outstanding representative for the Heart of Isagenix!” – Patty MacNaught

Voting for the 2018 Heart of Isagenix Award was closed on Dec. 3, 2017.